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DISCOVERY:  DigiCop’s AdWords Management services is our speciality, DigiCop makes sure we drill the ins and outs , So that we can leverage the data throughout the later stages of the project and come up with tailored  solutions catering to their unique needs.


STRATEGY :  The information of Clients and future business objectives are defined here. along with all the indispensable information needed to formulate the pertinent documentation for all the PPC campaign management services that we offer.  


Keyword Research: As an expert AdWords management agency, we offer target keywords for AdWords and PPC campaigns as well. The research is based upon the information gathered during the project Inception stage, and further opportunities are identified from the paid media audit.


LANDING PAGE &  CAMPAIGN SETUP : This is where we put the Toal emphasis on, because our clients can greatly benefit from the vital information gathered from the prospective customers. On the basis of this data, we lay down a solid foundation and the campaign is nicely setup for Success .



Paid Media Audit: It’s the foundation stone for all the current paid media performances, based on 3 key factors, namely, analytics, landing pages and current campaign statistics.  Competitive Analysis: PPC competitors and ad-copy based on keyword research, defined in this step to determine areas prone to risk or ripe for the picking.

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