A Unique SEO Process Delivers Amazing Results For Your Business.!



Analysis of client requirements, your’s website and competitors are Part of our Discovery phase, This Discovery helps our team to assess growth and sustainability.

KEYWORD RESEARCH : We constantly research and identify Potential keywords to target based on recent trends for Continuous growth.

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS  :We have an hands-on approach when it comes to Analysing Competitors.We tweak our keywords to always stay Ahead.

SEO AUDIT : We Constantly track SEO performance after considering both on-site and off-site SEO. 



We apply tested strategies for on-page optimization, off-page optimization and content marketing to achieve long-term SEO objectives.

ON-PAGE STRATEGY :  We create a unique  strategy to optimize code and the content of a website, so it gets easily found on search engines.

OFF-PAGE STRATEGY : We  plan a  constant strategy for conducting link-building activities and identify channels to leverage for this purpose.

CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY :  We at DigiCop Provide you with Fresh and engaging Content which is very much Driven by Converting Leads. Our Content curation team highlight the Usp of your company and create Very interesting Contents. Our Bloggers are one of the best in the country and write articles which keeps you hooked onto the content. Our taglines often go viral and Create a trend. The Topics and style of Writing have a grand mixture of providing facts while inducing some humor and ultimately make you the reader Understand the message we aspire to deliver.



We  Rework on your website  and website content to optimize your website for search engines.

TECHNICAL IMPLEMENTATION : We optimize your website and make changes to l tags, internal links, and Meta Description to boost search engine visibility.                                                             

CONTENT IMPLEMENTATION : We Re-edit your website content to incorporate targeted keywords in line with the content strategy.



We Conceptualize relevant and helpful content to attract and convert users into customers.

CONTENT CREATION : We write top-notch content and incorporate relevant keywords to make your website rank higher across search engines.

SOCIAL MEDIA : We open all the Possible Social Media Platforms for you and your company. We will assess your company and Induce a Brand awareness to everyone . Our professionals will create attention to grabbing content, online promotions, and messages that are suitable for sharing across different social media networks.

INFLUENCER OUTREACH : We Work with top Online companies with a large audience base to publish your content in their sites.



We track and analyze results, generate reports, and present the findings in front of you, so you can make future improvements accordingly.Analysis of client requirements, your website and competitors are all part of our Discovery phase, which lays a solid foundation for us to build upon.

MONTHLY REPORTING : We will Update a monthly performance report that shows the campaign performance and its impact on your keyword rankings.

QUARTERLY REVIEW :  A total review of your SEO campaign for the quarter that reflects results that you have achieved.

ANNUAL  REPORTING :  Yearly SEO reports give you a clear picture about SEO campaigns and help you with long-term decision-making.


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