This trend of using digital Platforms isn’t new to Political advertising. The trend is relatively new to India but in 2007 Obama’s campaigning team used  Social media, Display Ads, Email marketing and Digital messaging. This proved to be very viable for him. From 2012 Digital marketing has become a growing medium with an increase of  growth rate 575%

In 2019, Every Industry needs Digital Marketing to thrive and strive in a competitive world. Its benefits are huge. Even though you might not be interested in the message or product they are trying to sell you. You automatically have a knowledge about it due to how frequent you see it on your social media or on the internet. But, Digital marketing has to be frequent and sustained it should be done right or else it won’t do the job you set it for. Political advertising is aggressive and continuous. Usually, the Strategy involves 1 min videos of party leaders ensuring you a bunch of promises while largely using their parties colour scheme.

A saying from New vision Digital “Better candidates do not win, The better marketer does”

This is completely true to Influence a digital audience A political party must use the right influencers to promote their party and their content A Good Digital strategy involves understanding the Holistic View of a constituent and analyse which content is suitable for which constituent. The vision has to be clear to execute the mission. Political Parties and Digital Marketers have similar Goals when it comes to digital advertising that is influencing people to buy what you are selling in case of Politicians convincing the audience to vote for them.

Digital familiarity is key. One can never accurately measure how much votes one can derive

But constantly be having an aggressive online presence it helps more people view it constantly. There is a  psychological theory that familiarity is something that the human brain is accustomed to mean that that’s the choice they would take.

The Tools  that works best for political campaigning and advertising

Its a focal point for political parties that they understand they can reach a much wider audience in digital marketing then in traditional marketing The types of content that work for increasing audience views and engagements are  

  • Social Media Campaigns in major social sites ( Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
  • Slogans and catchphrases in Social Media
  • Creating a full Blown Website with Chat Bots and investing content  
  • Video Marketing is key

Impact of Social media In Political Campaigning

The power of social media is immense that social media platforms can decide whether or not a  party wins or loses. It plays a dynamic role in which party can win the most seats. The users have facebook have a big role that impacts 160 of the 543  constituencies Social media helps target young tech-savvy voters which are the future of the country. Make sure these young voters have trending topics to talk about.


Digital Marketing has allowed Political Personal and Political parties to directly connect with the voters. It provides an election changing platform and is developing to soon be the biggest form of media. Political parties are aware of this change and are using resources to develop their online presence.  Digital Marketing is the fastest growing form of marketing. It is regarded as the future of marketing. We are at the brink of total digital domination where digital marketing is looking to eclipse traditional marketing. So go digital with DigiCop and make sure you have an online presence that is way more optimized than your competitors.