Digital Marketing has been constantly evolving and it is expected in 2020 that we see the perfect blend of technology and marketing. Customer Experience will be given more priority than ever. Tech giants and e-commerce giants like Amazon and Google are testing out approaches such as shopping tab to enhance customer experience and increase the intent of buying. Hence we can expect major updates on Google Algorithms. In 2019, we saw a rapid growth in vernacular searches and  Voice searches. It is expected that we will see a new level of growth in these trends. 

Advertising online will drastically increase as people finally realise that online advertising is growing. An increase of 32% is expected in online advertising. In which digital media will increase from now 15% in 2019 to 24 % in 2020. 

Video content online will increase by 38% display by 36% and searches by 25%. This survey was according to ET. 

Automation integration plays a major role :

Automation will play a major role in 2020 with major technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence going through large scale developments. Automation has become key in not only digital marketing but in every industry to save time to increase profitability and quality. It is understood that Automation drives these properties. 

When it comes to digital marketing it is said to enhance the customer experience. Automation in marketing. We all prefer content which feels personalised to us. Now, with data being more mainstream than before. An emphasis and increase in personalised content will be seen in 2020. Automation is not only expected to evolve but also be more personalised and more equipt for change because of how marketing and technology will intertwine in 2020. 



AR and VR will be major players in 2020. There will be a major transformation in collecting information for marketing. AR and VR will be used by marketers to create new innovation in this field of digital marketing and customer engagements by 2020. This is in turn expected to increase customer experience drastically.

Ads with multiple technological integrations :

Online ads will be much more advanced in 2020. Facebook AR ads. The company have been heavily investing in Ar. They are investing in the future. Marketers can directly interact with their target audiences and make custom offerings on the basis of purchase patterns. Facebook has provided new platforms to advertise the products through AR Feed ads. With these ads buying online will be even easier and interactive.

More digital tools in 2020 for visits :

There is will be more advanced digital tools which can be used by marketers and customers to asses and decide which is best in the viewpoint of a customer and to increase store visits and website visits for a Digital Marketer. These tools will provide information accurately and it is advised to use these tools for marketing online in 2020. 

Accurately measuring ROI :

It is often seen that marketers struggle to measure the effectiveness of their  Ad campaign. In 2020 the digital matrix will be much easier and more accurate to measure. With the updates in algorithms. Calculating the ROI is only possible with the acceleration of the data is accurate. The accurate data on how much traffic an add generates and how that is managing to change as conversions. 

Customer acquisition is the ultimate aim of an ad campaign and it will be made possible more accurately in 2020. The technology to be able to model ROI by measuring all kinds of data already exist  But in 2020 this technology will drastically be more accurate. 

Video will be King again :


The year is 2019 and video content format has already reached the highest it ever has. This was attributed to many watching videos on their phones and tablets. Video streaming sites like Netflix, Amazone and Hotstart all are key players in video content distributions. Audiences engage more to video contents. In digital marketing, the crucial thing is that people are viewing a lot of videos on social media websites. This provides new creative opportunities to promote 

Native Ads are taking over the mobile users. In total ad revenue from mobile users, 63% are from native ads. This shows that native ads are leading the display ad scenario. These ads cater to the native audience and are interesting and engaging. People easily relate to these ads. Hence in 2020, A drastic growth in native ads are expected. 

Social media presence to be at its strongest


Social media is already one of the biggest forms of l marketing platforms now. It is said by 2020. This is only going to increase This is going to really blow up and be as big as Apps. These social channels are constantly upgrading to become smarter. A ton of features have already been added and more features are expected to add in 2020. So it is extremely important as digital marketers to have a proper social media presence and make use of these updates.