Good day Reader, We at DigiCop are here to set you up with The Complete Guide to set up a fully functional Youtube Page from starting a fresh Account targeting the right audiences. We at DigiCop are going to empathize to you how important “Youtube Brand account” and “ Video Marketing” in general A recent study by Cisco suggests that around 80% of all internet traffic will be accounted to Video marketing by 2019. Companies are using youtube as a platform to increase sales dramatically by managing to create viral ads by appointing creative techniques. For example Red Bull. They have close to 8 million subscribers on youtube. They produce quality content in their Youtube Page. Youtube is the second most popular website in the world and people use it more like a search engine. The search queries are much more specific on youtube. Now that I have told you how big of a platform youtube is and how with the perfect strategy you can double or triple your audience reach.

Youtube Marketing Strategy Development :

Define your Objectives. This is your first step and then defining your Goals. Note down your short targets like how many
Clicks/ traffic
Reach / subscriber number

Put together specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound immediate objectives. Having a deadline is very important. Make sure the tasks you assign or do are very much do-able. Make sure that you are able to measure your progress accurately. Numbers are everything on youtube. So don’t worry if your start isn’t great. Demoralization is the last thing you need when you put out fresh content. Make sure you know your Key Performance Indicators They help you measure your growth.

A Good tip before Publishing Content is to do a small research on what your audience needs, Make sure you know exactly what is trending on youtube and try to add that topic in some of your content without losing relevance to the message you are looking to deliver. Always have an eye on your competitor. Keep close tabs on what kinda video content they are posting?. Have a critical view of them and learn from the mistakes they make. Look at what is already out there and what is or is not succeeding before you begin to build out your own content. Consider having a schedule make sure you put your content out there in the right timescale. This makes a real difference. Successful Marketers in youtube are strict when it comes to scheduling content and publishing it. The best time to post your content is early afternoon during the week and early in the mornings on the weekend. This will help in indexing of your content by the time your potential audience can view it. Make sure you note down all the holidays and events which are relevant to your audience. This will give you a reason to create special content for your targeted audience on those days.

The Types of Marketing Videos on Youtube :

What are the types of videos you can make? Well, You do have standard types of video formats like Listicles, How to do Videos, Behind the scene, Interviews, Product videos, case studies, customer stories. You can also do a more creative and experimental type of video which might blend the types or bring out something totally new. But this is purely based on the goals that you define your objectives and goals. Do you want awareness for your product? Do you want to exclusive make an advertisement to sell your product? Do you want to tell the audience how to use the product?. Constantly Define and Redefine your goals and strategy.

Tip Notes :

Check your comments every day so you can respond to them

Use monitoring to find other mentions of your brand and identify engagement opportunities

Ask questions of your viewers in your videos, as well as in your video descriptions to encourage them to leave a comment

Use the “Community” tab (located in your channel’s main page) to post images, GIFs, and video previews, as well as to poll your subscribers. For example, Adam Neely regularly posts polls asking his subscribers what they want to see in his upcoming videos:
Do something for awareness. Helping the community around you can do wonders to your page. Don’t Just Promote your video. Make sure your content is diverse make sure that your page promotes social responsibility.

SEO for Youtube :

As I had told you about youtube earlier on how its the second largest search engine on the internet. Imagine the potential reach your product has in a platform where there is an average of 2 billion monthly users. So, Making top quality content and taking time to optimize content regularly will help you increase your viewership Dramatically. How to increase viewership and optimize your videos?. There are many ranking factors such as the Keywords you choose how you use them hile with others, you don’t have as much power over them (like how many people subscribe immediately after viewing one of your videos).


The Important ranking factors are
The Channel’s Keywords
The description in your video
The headline you use for the video
Watch time ( The total duration of how long Audiences have viewed the video )
Video tags
Subscriber numbers
Video transcripts

Use many SEO plugins and tools to get suggestions on long tail keywords like Youtube keyword research tools. A\B testing your videos view and copy your video tags.

When all this is done in a systematic way Youtube will be the optimal way to promote your product and brand.

Always think ahead of time and plan your strategy. This will help you keep posting regular content

Invest in the creativity of video making. Audiences want to see new fresh content posted in an innovative way

Use humor to your advantage. A study says Humorous videos get more engagements but also stick to your message you are delivering

Your subscribers are your most important thing. Respond to their comments and always keep engaging them. Keep boosting engagement with every video you make.

And finally, Optimise your channel and your videos for the YouTube search engine to boost your reach.

These are the steps you need to take to become successful in youtube marketing and Branding