Digital Marketing has been in the forefront for the past few years and many consumer based companies are thriving. The basic commercial elements of digital marketing are the types of products that increase the interests of consumers .These are the sectors that are booming in digital marketing and are peaking the highest interests. Restaurants have seen the most boom in the age of Digital Marketing. We are going to tell you the potential strategies which  will take your restaurant to the next level when it comes to increase in customers via digital platforms.

Even in This day and age many restaurants have no online presence. Restaurants which have very good service  and food are going unnoticed. It is extremely important that in this day and age a restaurant has online presence. Online presence is one thing but Good online presence is a totally different ball game. What do i mean by good online presence.

Good Online presence is understanding  the need to create a piece of content which sells to audiences as well as following the guidelines of the Search engine.

We at DigiCop are going to explain to how the avenues available for you.  

Search Engine Marketing

The first step to generate high levels of audience is to dominate on the search engine. Coming high on the search engine is very important.  So how to rank on Search queries pertaining to your restaurant for example : Best italian restaurant in chennai (or) Best italian restaurant in Adyar.  

Keywords are extremely important using the right keywords in your content is extremely important.  When it comes to restaurant marketing concentrating on Local SEO is also equally important. Local SEO meaning when someone searches “ Best italian food in adyar” They should  rank on the top of search engine. This is a treatment that one must concentrate on. The content delivered must be in both vernacular language and in english. There should always be a close connect to the local audience. This will help you develop your local seo rank. The best is to let a professional handle your seo.

Blogs help when it comes to seo. Using keywords in your article can direct more traffic to your website. Keeping the Blog engaging and User friendly is also very important. People love looking at your pictures and important recipies of your dishes. Get it done.

Pay per Click ads are an important form of advertising.Make sure you don’t lose money on unnecessary clicks Negative Keywords help you  staying relevant and not waste clicks on search queries which do not pertain to you.

Social media your new best friend

Social media is one of the largest mediums to promote your restaurant. Many top brands and restaurants make a living just from getting viral on social media but how do you stand out?   

Use your Usp’s visely. Social media is mostly used to create a visual appeal for the audience. A kinds of media they can comment upon. Many restaurants have high quality images posted on social media. This form of content has hyper saturated and has become monotonous and boring. Try creative routes to get the audience’s attention. Have a person  dedicated to do social media postings and thinking out of the box ideas to attract the attention of the audiences. Smartly promote the content during specific local festivals and holidays.connect to a personal level to the audience show the audience of the time lapse video of start to finish of a dish which is beautifully decorated.

Ask for feedbacks from your audiences. Don’t be afraid of feedback, Post pictures of happy customers or good customer reviews.

It’s not about immediate sales or sudden increase in customers. Social media is to increase brand loyalty and building lifelong customers.

The hippest of all content – Video

It is estimated that by 2022  that 90% of content will be videos. Make sure the content you roll out is mostly in form of 6 sec loop videos or  one min videos. You goal is that audiences watch the whole video. You must be able to engage your customers to sit through the video and gain some kind of knowledge about the restaurant and its dishes . Your videos must be able to influence customers to come to your restaurant. Make sure you get professional help when it comes to videos. A professional team will work perfectly. Don’t over do with the release of video content also. Make sure you give timer and space for one content to breathe and then take it slowly.  More than one way to market your content from 10 second to 20 and then 30 sec videos. Dedicate one video for telling your story. Increase brand loyalty and reach and audience engagements with video content

Influencers play a key role

Get hold of instagram influencers. The internet is now full of influencers. People who have thousands of followers. Ask them to recommend your restaurant. Word of mouth can go  a long way. Especially if it’s by someone influential. Local audience is important if you use sauces from a local vendor then promote it digitally. Cross promote goes a long way. Invite other food bloggers and vloggers to your restaurant. Make as many connections as possible.

Invite food shows to your restaurant. There are huge paid channels in social media. Get in touch with them and make sure they talk about you in their channels. This type of cross marketing has been the most successful in 2019. A hands on approach is a must . Getting friendly with the local audience is a must.  You never know how far you can take ur restaurants popularity when all these factors come together.

Email and text marketing still works

Email marketing and text marketing should be your last strategy but it still works, even in 2019. Make sure these texts have promo codes and do this only if you are offering discounts or special offers to customers. Use the right platform .

We at DigiCop suggest you as a owner purely manage the restaurant. We have  your backs when it comes to handling your digital. Hope this article was helpful for you.