The psychology of color in a business.   

Many marketers use colour psychology in business . It is very important while branding a business . Many companies use colour while deciding on Logos and Brand identity. The right colour will attract customers. Colour can send a message to the people viewing it. . Studies show  that warm colors tend  to attract purchasers, despite cooler colors being more favorable. Different  colours give many meanings to a customer. Red is believed to evoke strong emotions like pasion or intensity. Many restaurants also use the colour red  which increases the appetite of a person. Red stimulates appetite. Let’s talk about the Unicorn companies.

Colour Psychology of Unicorn companies :

A unicorn company is a company which has a total valuation of more than one Billion. 38% of unicorn companies use Black and gray in the top 50 unicorn companies . Uber, Vice news and wework rely on these colours for outward appearance . Blue is a extremely pleasing colour to the eye. Man are very attracted to the colour Blue. It also a colour that promotes productivity hence 20% of the unicorn companies use blue for example Spacex , Dell  and forbes. These companies are following IBm’s BIg Blue branding path here. 16% of the companies are made up of the red side Like pinterest and airbnb with 12% of unicorn companies follow yellow like snapchat. Yellow evokes a cheerful and warm response from the people. Then finally a green palate which makes up 6% of the companies.

Colour Psychology is followed not only by unicorn companies. But also by many startups. Now we are  going to discuss how different colours affect human psychology and how companies use these colours to attract audiences .

Black :  Black invokes a feeling of “exclusiveness” a feeling of sophistication  Black is a colour used to portray luxury top fashion and luxury brands use  black as their base colour. Chanel, Michael Kors, Prada, Dior, or Georgio

Red :  Most top chain restaurants in the world use the colour red because red evokes appetite. It generates a form of hunger to the people when they see red McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, and Popeye’s all heavily use red in their brand   either as the primary or secondary colour.

Blue : Blue is a colour that evokes trust and peace. A sort of assurance  in 2000 the streets of glasgow installed blue street lights. Over a period of them it is said the crime rates of glasgow reduced similar thing happened in japan in a railroad that stopped the amount of railroad suicides. Blue also promotes productivity.It has been the color of choice for large corporate brands like IBM, AT&T, and Forbes.

Green:  Green promotes eco friendly and earth friendly properties. It also said to be a colour of fertility and is used by many companies. It is said to be a colour that promote “organic”. Big whole food markets use the colour green to convince customers of their  organic nature.

Whole foods market use it to promote their brand worldwide.

Pink: Pink is a colour used to promote femininity it is a colour that prevails and promotes females. The toy company barbie is pink.  Breast cancer awareness organisation is pink.

These are the most common colours used by companies to brand and identify themselves in this business world.