Good day readers, I think we all know social media plays a major role in marketing in this day and age, Don’t worry this is not another articles which is going to tell you how important social media is. This articles is going to focus on the audiences or the type of people who use each forms of social media in 2019. We are going to guide you and find you the perfect social media platform which your business can thrive in.


The Largest social media Platform in the world and also the most popular social media platform in the world. Facebook has paved the way for potential social media domination. Over 900 million facebook users use the mobile app. Over 2 billion people use facebook monthly. That’s more than the population of the whole of the catholic community in the world. It gets pretty intense when 23%of the world is on facebook. That’s how big your potential reach is. You might be wondering with a platform so big why isn’t everyone advertising their products and becoming more famous. Well, there is a big hidden truth. This social media platform is actually depleting. But right now facebook advertising is still the biggest juggernaut When it comes to overall reach to potential customers. We notice a lot when it comes to facebook. There are millions of ads promoted everyday. Listen to what i’m about to say now.. If you are a designer or an artist or someone who deals with luxury products. We do not recommend facebook to be the ideal platform for you to drive in customers. Nether  do we tell you not to start a page on facebook. Just for the reason of the amount of people who has a potential to view your product warrants for starting a facebook page. If you are a comedian or a musician or an actor or a meme creator. Facebook is the perfect platform for you. The widest of audience ranges only in facebook. A perfect platform for Companies selling consumer based goods.


The next social Media giant. Instagram has turned out to potentially become the next big one in line to replace facebook as the king of social media in the future. The users of instagram are growing larger and larger. Around 1 billion downloads in Google play store. What started as a Photo sharing app which focused on “food and fashion” themes with stylish themes has now become more complex with messaging ability and “ insta story” availability has hit new heights. “ Influencers”

The leading people in instagram are influencers. These influencers are either top supermodels or a celebrity who has recently shot up in fame due to instagram. They basically rule this platform. You can get an influencer to promote your business by asking them to post it on their wall. This will influence their audience to follow your page. Well, this is a form of advertising that will for sure work in instagram. Instagram has many forms of ad promotions. From post promotions to story promotions. If you are a person who deals with products like clothes or you have a restaurant. This is the by far the best form of advertising for you. Hashtags play a huge role in instagram. Make sure you use as much as relevant and trending hashtags on instagram . This can double your followers. One other major thing is that  you must follow many influencers because their audiences might somehow come across your page and like yours. It actually also works like this. Top companies have strived in instagram with the style of advertising and creativity. The basic interface of instagram is much more flexible than facebook which allows you a bit more creative freedom. Trust me instagram isnt a platform if you are in the construction business or if you have a product that doesn’t directly appeal to them. Facebook is more kind to you in that way. The better you show your product in instagram the more followers you will get which will later evolve into a fan base and a soon revenue generating machine.


Youtube isn’t your traditional social media site but people are very much addicted to this form of social media. Youtube started out as just a website where the internet user uploads videos. Youtube now is considered one of   the biggest and the largest viewed website in the world. Its the source of viral information and videos . Red Bull’s youtube page has promoted its brand largely in this platform check out our Youtube Marketing Strategy Blog to Know how exactly to Market your brand on 2019.  Youtube is something we request you to look into if you are starting up your own business. Infact just like how facebook owns instagram, Youtube was bought by google in just 18 months after its inception.  Youtube is a primary social platform you must start a channel.


Twitter is a Platform where any news breaks out exclusively first. New information to the internet is now firstly released in twitter. We suggest you to use twitter more as an informative platform than a marketing platform. Follow the right people who pertain to your industry. We suggest you market your brand in twitter in organically. Twitter also has a large audience base infact 328 million users use twitter every month. Twitter has also become the 2nd most popular social media app in  U.S.A. The best marketing for you company in twitter is if you get a twitter icon to retweet your work. Also promotions will get you a certain number of followers but all this ultimately matters if your content is quality. Only quality content sticks in social media platforms. Twitter is the only social media form that is completely unique and has no clone like it. So, Yes use twitter a lot for information for content Curation. This valuable information you derive from it will help you in the long run.


A social media platforms which is taylormade for  finding the perfect audience. In linkedin you can directly market to who it matters. Start by creating an effective Company page  This is very important many people are tend to visit your linkedin than any other social media pages. Make sure goals and audience are defined.  Providing fresh content and constantly and make sure you promote the ones you feel can attract bigger audiences. The framework of Linkedin is similar to all other social media platforms. Linkedin is perfect if you are looking for man power or if you are providing services which involves manpower.


The largest messaging app in the world. The most downloaded  app in playstore We have a solid 1.2 billion people using whatsapp. It had caused a huge storm in the telecom industry. This app was one of the first apps to  put the telecom industry in a frenzy. It Blew out its competition. But how is it when it comes to marketing a brand or product?. Well, Firstly you need good content actually a “fire” content. This content should not be too long. Try getting your desired message across. We recommend having your USP’s in your content. Next you get yourself a nice software. A whatsapp bulk messenger software  which sends many messages in bulk. Simultaneously. There is a large audience base you can reach in one click. It is said to be 33.25% conversion rate. While treditional marketing has 12% chance of working.


       Snapchat is used by 150 million users everyday. Snapcat  has become one of the most viral apps in the world. Many other social media platforms have tried to replicate what snapchat have tried to a couple have succeeded but nothing has quite reached  snapchats user friendly interface. Snapchat is for the casual audience. If your product is a leisure product than Snapchat is the perfect platform. TACO BELL  paid snapchat 750,000 for a custom taco filter for 24h., This filter allows the user to  have a taco shaped face when they use it. The result? 224 million views in one day and 12.5 years’ worth of video play. Not a bad day’s work.

Snapchat like the other social media apps do not have a search bar. So building an audience can be harder. Promote your snapchat account via other social media platforms. Snapchat is an empirical form of social media. Constant engagement is needed. Commenting and reacting to  your followers snaps is very important. A more detail article on snapchat marketing will be updated by me in the coming days. I will link that article to this .

We at DigiCop look to use social media as a tool for meaningful branding of products and services which make a world a better place for a consumer. We strongly believe we can find the right customer for each product we promote.  

Hope you have understood the perfect platform for you to promote your business

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